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Top 5 Reason why Digital Marketing ?

Five reasons of why you're missing out on your Business's full potential if you're not digitally marketing it.


We all know that marketing is as crucial if not more than sales for the overall functioning of a business, marketing is the way to connect to your audience who will be your prospect clients, and if you're missing out on marketing, you're missing out on business, let's look at five reasons why should you immediately start marketing your business digitally if you already haven't.


  1. The world has gone digital- Gone are the days of the good old pamphlets, television is kind of overpriced and obsolete now, this is the era where youth prefers Netflix over TV, YouTube over the radio and digital screens for news over newspapers, and if you're still stubborn about your obsolete marketing strategies, you need some serious brainstorming, everyone around us is so glued to their screens that they might not even notice your flex banner at the corner of the street they walk by every day, but they for sure will notice your business if it ranks no. 1 in searches, now you get the picture, in this century of the internet, if your business is not online it doesn't even exist. 

  1. Boundaries are not a thing now- If you run a handicrafts business in Ludhiana, it doesn't mean that your products have to sell only in Punjab, with the world going global it may happen that your products are loved more in France for their artistic appeal than love your already getting in Ludhiana, this is one of the many advantages of the digital revolution, they we are no longer separated by long distances and the world is becoming a global marketplace, with the advancements in technologies and with more people having access to computers and the internet day by day, this is only going to be better.

  1. Digital marketing is much cost-effective- Digital marketing is hands down still underpriced, you might not notice it yet, but the extent to which you can propagate your ideas and business for a 100$ is astonishing, never has a time like this existed in the world, where you can target such a large chunk of population for such a minimal fee, if you're still preferring obsolete marketing tactics over digital marketing, I doubt your business acumen.


  1. You're much more in control with Digital marketing- Marketing in the older times was effective no doubt, there have been some great marketers during the American corporate boom, but this control now which you have over marketing was never existing before, digital marketing is result-driven to the extent that you can decide where your single dollar is going to be utilized and you can see the real-time analytics of what results in it has driven, this control is totally soothing and it reflects on the overall success of your business.

  1. The sooner the better- To rank top among  other searches related to a certain domain, a business requires a certain amount of visits and engagements, which requires a certain amount of time, to build your website's credibility online also takes a little time, you can't be the no.1 website overnight, you can't let the world know of your presence in a day, but if you start fast you'll definitely reach there fast, there is no point, I can see or visualize of why business won't start marketing digitally, everyone else is doing it and if you don't do it you'll be left behind for sure, and being left behind in business is not a very good thing for the health of it.




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