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Team Efforts

The team work and team building immediately remind us of the games that are popular in the country. Like football, hockey, volleyball, cricket and whole lot of other games were team-work is shown, and matches are won by spirit of team-work only and not by individual performance.

The concept of teamwork promises every person in the team the opportunities to develop one’s full potential and attain the impossible.

Group and teams:-

A group and a team are not the same thing. People often confuse the two. A group is a number of persons related to each other in some way; a team is two or more persons working together to achieve a common goal.

The captain should know the strengths and weaknesses of each member and assign them appropriate responsibilities. And co-ordinate amongst the team members which requires planning, practice and experience and lastly they need leadership to keep them motivated, this is the kind of team that succeeds or is effective.

Understanding behavior:- a good team leader is able to arouse interest and motivate team member’s by describing a vision of a better future for everyone. This arouses enthusiasm and excitement amongst the team member’s, and they began to rid themselves of negative feelings like doubt, suspicion and distrust. The members become more communicative.

United efforts bring success, which helps build confidence amongst the team members, the team morale goes up. The members put in still great effort.

Law of master mind:- mastermind meaning a mind that is developed through the harmonious co- operation of two or more people who all themselves for the purpose of accomplishing a given task, the chemistry of mind creates a third mind, which may be appropriate and used by one or all of the individual mind, the master mind will remain available until the friendly atmosphere exists. 

One of the most important things every team member needs to learn and understand is that building good relationships is difficult but most rewarding

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